"I used to think gun control was the answer."


Calling BD6! Calling BD6! Calling BD6!


I live in a country where Militia fended off a tyrannical government and put in place laws so what they did could be done again. :slight_smile:


Done again with what weapons?




:joy: well


This patriot favored tomahawks, IIRC.

“Tell me please, why I should trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away.”



Yeah and what year was that slappy? Did the government have tanks back then?


No but the government had artillery and machine guns.


Prove that the existence of this thing means that the Founding Fathers knew of it.



Da Vinci designed a flying machine hundreds of years before W taught Jihadists how to hijack them.


Prove to me that General Washington didn’t know the current tech of the day.


Speaking of General Washington though…


Did they account for the tanks and shit that would kick your gun loving ass should push come to shove with the government?


It’s your assertion from the meme you posted. It isn’t my job to prove a negative, especially when you state the positive.


Da Vinci also had a multi-barreled gun.


That’s what sticky bombs are for.


Where can I get one?


Make it with your American ingenuity.

Or the field manual.