"I used to think gun control was the answer."


Could one use Tannerite for that?


No. Tannerite, being the binary explosive that is is too weak.

Needs a higher RE factor .


A minimum of research will tell you the government never owned a Puckle gun due to its expense, lack of portability and the need of a large crew. Not to mention that six shots per minute was a typical rate of fire. The earlier Kalthoff repeating musket was much faster, but prohibitively expensive and never seen in this hemisphere.


Yes I was trying to think of that name, I think that is the gun that pops up a lot from gun fondlers desperately trying to make some sort of a point.

Oh yes, this is one of the memes that uses it.


Yes, of course.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t KNOW about it.


So never having actually seen one, being fired or not, perhaps hearing an 2nd hand account from someone returning from abroad or maybe a newspaper story, they were actually giving this concept of a “Repeating Musket” (LOL, “Repeating”!) a lot of cognitive time while drafting are Constitution?


More to the point, they didn’t use it in the Revolution or the War of 1812, where the richer Brits didn’t use it either.

So, yes they probably figured that at some future point there would be faster weapons than the musket, at three rounds per minute in well-trained hands.

But you know, back then they only negotiated the country’s future twenty years at a time due to the slavery issue. You do know about that, yes?


Did you ever hear of Castro and his little band of revolutionaries?