Joe... lmao


Creepy Joe at it again! Maybe he’s just going brain dead?

And now he’s kissing his grand daughter on the lips… :man_facepalming:t2:


Not a fan of Joe, but why is HE creepy but Trump ain’t?


“I’d fuck my daughter, if it weren’t illegal” Leader Of The Free World.


They’re both creepy.

Joe actually does things, though, while Trump only talks about it.



I believe there are 24 allegations of sexual assault on God Emperor Trump. Including one of a girl under age.

But creepy Joe is a little too touchy feely.


Interesting that Boro isn’t aware that the women had been on opposite sides of him and switched. Since he was looking at the crowd, he didn’t see them move, so there’s that.

In addition, women don’t really find him creepy. He won all those states because of women. Real adult women voted for him in numbers that put him in the winning position in all those states.


So you’re okay with an old man kissing his grand daughter on the lips, sniffing and fondling young girls?

What kinda fucking idiot thinks that’s okay?


I think you’re overstating things, maybe just a bit.



More Boro hysterics.


I think he may have overdosed on Trumpophilia. Sadly, as my cousin did.


I’m not okay with pussy grabbing.


Neither am I. Pussy grabbing is sexual assault.

I’m also not okay with kissing your grand daughter on the lips. IN FRONT OF A CROWD. He also touches and sniffs girls IN FRONT OF A CROWD.

He also called his sister his wife. He’s obviously going senile.


Kissing relatives on the lips is not uncommon, just because you don’t.

Also your Joe meme is hilarious, the rec is for that reason.


So why did more women vote for him than any other candidate in the primary?


How do you know more women voted for him? Votes are private and internet/sectioned polls are unreliable.


This FACT seems to lie at the heart of yesterday’s CBT Melodrama Hour.


wrong poaster


lots of women voted for Trump too, half the world worships imaginary beings… I voted for Warren myself, the only one who seemed like they’d give any fucks at all for someone like me. I hope the coronavirus rids us and the world of the Trumps and Bidens!




It worked for Elvis!