Joe... lmao


My exes Fam were lip kissers(But no tongue), mine wasn’t this caused her to think my fam was slightly less “warm and loving” than hers.


The way I grew up is always the correct way. Your way is always too stiff/creepy.




2A Queens need to calm the fuck down.


This ain’t a pivotal issue okay? And aside from the glaring hypocrisy and sanctimony of the NR Civility Double Standard, how the actual fuck does a president “usher in” changes to the Constitution?

Dog whistling to fuckwits who can’t read in the NR oughta be considered an insult to trogs who CAN. George Will is spinning in his grave.


Are you forgetting the annual “Obammy’s comin’ fer yer guns” sales between '09 and '16?


Can anyone who voted for Biden tell me what he’s running for?
What he’s really fighting to change?

Like beating Trump Is important I get that but …

Biden is just Trump in blue…
same old same

You can’t wear that as a badge on your chest.

Biden’s policies are weak and do not benefit the average American.

Guy can’t even finish a coherent sentence… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Ask me after the convention, if it’s still germane.


Bernie isn’t making it…



Because Biden literally told an auto union worker that he was full of shit after he asked Biden about his own comments… and when the union worker reminded Biden that the President works for The People, Biden said no.

Biden doesn’t deserve the presidency. He’s worse than Trump.




Frankly I’m surprised to hear B man/boy diss. a Fellow Vette fan.


Well, let’s see how this plays to the voters.


The stupid ones will vote for him.

An intelligent person realized he’s using the female sex to get voters.



The female sex is voting for him more than his opponent.


So tell us who the smart ones will voat for, cuz they’re handing the reins back to the Orange Idiot.


A smart individual will vote for Bernie.

The end.



So, you’re okay with Biden using your sex as a prop for votes?