Kaepernick's gesture gaining traction, CONs






Meanwhile, Steph Curry says he isn’t going to visit the WH, so Drumf tweets out “in that case I’m un-inviting you first!”

What happens next will blow your mind!!!




We need to be more like the French. Give them hell when they are screwing us over, and support others who have the courage to do so first.


Attendance seems to be down a bit.:open_mouth:




More Trump winning.


what a bunch of ungrateful spoiled bitches. fuck the nfl,

i hope the whole league goes belly up.


wahhh settle down snowflake! :stuck_out_tongue:


White Supremacists: Free Speech!

NFL players: You’re Fired!


I hope somebody is keeping a box score. At the end of the day it’s gonna be NFL 30, DJT 00.

Also, the rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell of the Oakland A’s is now the first MLB player to take the knee during the anthem.


Trump sez the nfl is massively failing, which is why Superbowl ads are the most expensive ad buys.


Even NE Patriots owner and Trump buddy Kraft is getting tired of Trump’s shit.



Nice try, but that pic is from 1994.


I could find some certifiably recent ones. I am like BD6 on this issue, however, I don’t like sitting on my arse watching others engage in life.


That comment ^^^ in the context of this thread, gives me a splitting headache. :persevere: