Love it out here part 4


We went for a family drive yesterday to San Rafael, over through Marshall, down to Forest Knolls then back up through Petaluma…


Went shopping in Santa Rosa with my friend and we ate at Amy’s restaurant on the way home. We both had the veggie burger, it was really good, healthier fast food and reasonably priced. It was busy. Clean bathroom too. Eventually they will be everywhere.


I think I have been seeing Amy’s in the luxury frozen food section for a while.


It looks like a lot of carbs.:slightly_smiling_face:


Amy’s frozen entrees suck a lot less than the other ones.


I haven’t tried them yet, they def premium priced.


So I guess Amy’s is all Vegan? Just had one of her Pad Thai’s, nothing at my little store with any dead animal in it. but It was tasty.


I think it’s all vegetarian and vegan, the veggie burger had some sort of cheese on it.


I bet it was vegan “cheese”.




Chicken Teriyaki at Napa Noodles last night, my roommate had the Tokyo Ramen, and we had a Lumpia appetizer…


We went to Yountville too and got something at the Bouchon Bakery and walked around a little… she got one of the chocolate pecan croissants and I had a one of the chocolate coffee cakes.


Life is good!

Happy for you. :heart:




SF Academy of Science, right? Did you get into the aquarium as well?


Yes, it was awesome…


The Art Museum is middling to good as well. Tho they had an exhibit of Van Goghs from the Orsay in Paris some years ago that was well done.


I take it back, Amy’s does use milk cheese in some of its offerings.


went to the Emerald Cup today…