My 2016 Garden Thread


I don’t think so. These nutes have a limit on how much you should give the plant. What happens is that you put the nutes, the water dries quickly, the nutes stay in the soil, you put more water with nutes, you see what happens? You overfeed them easily. Each plant is a different case, some can take more, others, not so much.

Even weed is like that, some plants will eat a lot and drink a lot of water, others not so much

I always check the weight on the vase to see how humid the soil is, sometimes I’ll skip watering it altogether for a day. I keep a mental note of what I gave to the plants, but some of them will need something different, you see the leaves yellowing on mid-flowering, for example, you put some magnesium and nitrogen, but only on those with the yellowing


That’s what I was thinking… just the abnormal amount and duration of heat we’re getting this summer. Not much I can do about that but hope it starts cooling down some soon. Last year it was the crazy winds we had and this year the crazy heat. Man, outdoors growing is just a bitch.


Mutherfukking leaf hoppers are becoming a problem. I’m seeing more and more.didn’t have any last year. Apparently they become a problem during really Dry and hot spells. These little things are stealthy as fukk and are nearly impossible to catch. When you get a few inches from them they dance around to the other side of the leaf. Too late in the game to use neem oil.


They suggesting planting a couple tomato plants along the weed

Tomato is the only thing insects love more than weed


Haven’t done an update on my crop in some time. All gals have been in flower now for 2-3 weeks.

The thing I’m noticing is that the plants getting the least sun are faring the best. They are the greenest, bushiest, healthiest and were first to hit flower. I suppose the triple digit heat streak we suffered through had a lot to do with that. Because of the weight of the plants it was simply infeasible rotating their position. Here are the one’s getting the least sun.

The plants getting the brunt of the sun had a lot of foliage die off, didn’t bush as much and started flower later. They are also twice as tall.

The autos are as dependable as ever. Doesn’t seem to matter to them where they sit.

All in all, I can’t complain. The heat was outside of my control and there were some times where I thought I would lose a few girls. Things are cooling a bit now and of course the days are getting shorter, so I think all will survive and prosper to varying degrees. I’m going to hold off on harvest this year at least until mid October. Gotta have patience to get those colorful buds.


Dude, your plants need magnesium and possibly calcium ASAP

Get some Biobizz Grow (it has high MG an low N)

Mine were looking like that and if you don’t act, the buds will come out thin and airy with low potency


I’ll see if the hydro shop has it or something similar.


Anything that has Mg in it, but the Biobizz is soft on the plants.

You might use Epson salt, I believe that’s organic too, like the biobizz


I have a shit load of Epson salt leftover from the super soil build. Does it typically have both mag and calcium in it? I don’t have the original containers, so I can’t read the label.


The epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, it just has magnesium in it.


Does it look to you like I need magnesium? Up until now I wasn’t tripping to much on the yellowing leaf die off. I just figured it was the heat. Rancid is getting me paranoid, man.


Rancid is probably right, are your stems purple or purpling? Your grow shop probably has this…


It’s very common to have Mg deficiencies when flowering starts and if it’s too hot, it’s almost certain

I suggested the Epson salts because I’ve seen other people using them on another site and it’s usually a very good solution for quick Mg feeding


Yeah, I am seeing some purpling on the larger, lower stems.

I’m sure they have that or some other Cal-Mag amendment. I’ll pick some up tonight.


Thanks, man. You may have saved me some major disappointment.


I knew the yellowing wasn’t natural, your plants are too nice to be yellowing like that so early in flowering , it has to be lack of Mg

What are the temps at night there?


70’s at night, 100’s during the day for the past few months. In a week or so it will be more like high 80’s to low 90’s in the day and 60’s at night… and then gradually get down to consistent 70’s and 80’s for the rest of the year.


Nabbed me some Earth Juice CAL-MAG at Green Coast Hydro. I’ll start with this evening’s watering.


4x8 bed with 40 pepper plants

Getting some nice big red bell peppers out of it lately, I bet I picked 10lbs of peppers today without really trying.

Jimmy Nardello peppers… love these…



Gave them the CAL-MAG and a drop each of Superthrive to help them recover. Lady at the hydro shop said i should continue giving the CAL-MAG for the remainder of the grow. Picky mutherfukkers for a goshdamn weed.