My 2016 Garden Thread


Pulled 4 lbs of lettuce out of about a 4x4 space last night, was washing lettuce forever, still have a bunch more to pull, ran out of bags.


That mite explain it.


What does someone do with that much lettuce? You can’t can or freeze it, I assume.


It only stays good in the fridge about a week. I gave the stuff I harvested last night away to neighbors.


Hey, that’s awesome!


These container tomatoes are starting to grow fast and are going to end up taking up some room. I’m going to wood chip the area for them and stake them up somehow probably, but I’m running low on cardboard to put down first. They seem to like my soil mix so far.

One of the cardinals that hangs out in the yard every day, I think this is the male, the other one is more dull colored. Yeah I need to mow…


Not sure of the size. I’d guess about 8 gallon? I started my white widows in late April and they are getting pretty big. Same with the OG Kush. I hope they don’t get root bound.


I think you’ll be ok as far as rootbound goes, you should have some big full plants with some big buds by the time October comes around. Just a guesstimate… half lb each.


I’m in the middle of a big harvest


I saw some tomato plants just a little bigger than my container plants at the farm store today for $15.98 each… The container might have been a little smaller and had this chintzy plastic cage around it.


Whatcha got?


A bunch of home breeds. I crossed skunk, indica and kush. Pretty impressed with the quality of the final result.
I started with a cross between a tall pant (don’t know what it was, freebie, but it was a fast growing sativa-looking one. That was the father and the mother was a Master Kush. The result was great, all a bunch of skunks that vary a lot in smell and potency. My favorite is one with a nice lemon scent, very good mental trip. I used one male from these to pollinate my other strains. Super-skunk, Aurora Indica and another skunk freebie. Now I have thousand of seeds. Right now I finished a batch of the first cross, the Indica crosses (came out nice too) and a couple others. I want to germinate as many seeds as I can and keep the good ones that I come around.


The regs are going to be huge. The auto’s which I started mid may are healthy, but going real slow. I was hoping to get them up and down in a few months and start a new batch. We’ll see, maybe they’ll takeoff at some point.


My first outdoor crop, last year, was kind of a mish mash. I used clones, but completely forgot what I even bought. So when I finally harvested/cured I had no idea how to even label the shit. So now I have a bunch of mason jars labeled #1, #2, #3 and #4. This year I grew from seed and am taking care to keep everything labeled properly as I may sell some to the weed dispensaries.


I’d maybe top 1 or 2 of the regs to bush them out more, you have plenty of time left still to bush them out… don’t top the autos.


The only auto I grew here was an AK47. Since it was sharing space with a bunch of normal ones, it only took 11 hours of light a day. But the quality of the weed was great. They tend to mature and have thricomes turn amber easier. For an auto plant to get really fat, you should always supply light to it


I have some big ass peaches this year. Already picked about 30 and haven’t even made a dent. I didn’t even realize they were peach trees. This is the first time in the 3 years I’ve been here they produced fruit.


A few of my gals are getting scary big… about 3 feet tall and it’s only early June. I really don’t want a bunch of 12 foot plants. Way too conspicuous. I may have to do some topping.




My container plants are doing well, this was a couple days ago. I thought the tomatoes were looking a little light green so I gave them a good dose of kelp water yesterday. They’re all starting to flower… The container pepper plants are my best ones.