My 2016 Garden Thread




Thanks, they grew a lot in the 12 days or so since the last pic, if they keep going at this pace the tomatoes are going to be everywhere.


My white widow and OG Kush are growing at a clip of almost a foot vertically every week. Hard to fathom them not flowering until October. I’m guessing they’ll slow down in height growth here in awhile and start bushing out some. I hope so anyway.

One of the autos looks like it’s starting to produce some tiny pistils. It’s the AK 49, which is about 5 weeks old now, so maybe the 2-3 month cycle isn’t unreasonable.


lol you’re going to have some 8 footers… they’ll stretch another foot or two at least probably when they start flowering. I’d guess you could probably trim them down and it will probably just bush them out more.


Do I just take the tops off?

I’ll search some YouTube’s.


Yeah man I’m guessing you can just wack the tops off of those and the lower and side shoots will start growing up etc. and it will probably give you more tops than just one.






My kids have a shrub in their yard I can’t identify.

It’s about fifteen feet tall, multi-trunked. The bark seems to be smooth.

The leaves are dark green on top, silver underneath. Pinnately veined. The shape is oval with an acute tip. The base is cordate. The leaf margin is “entire”. The top surface is velvety, the bottom kind of like the underside of a shag carpet. The leaf gives off a fruity, even overripe smell.

Zone 5, living in strong sunlight.

Any ideas what this thing is?


Pic, or it never happened.


I like this pic, will she do?


And yes, I DO want one of those in my yard.


I’d like one for out on the deck, at least one the warm days.


Rereading your description while looking at the pic. I think I could tolerate the pungent smell…


My wrist and hand have been fucked up lately and I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what I’ve been doing that’s causing it so I can stop. My shit was really fucked up today, I can’t even do some basic things and total discomfort with pain… and I figured it out… I’ve been watering the garden twice a day holding my thumb down over the end of the garden hose to create pressure. So today I used my other hand because I’m gimpified and now it’s aching too… gotta get a nozzle for the fucking hose asap.


LOL… Yeah, they got 'em at the dollar store. Sounds like some shit I would do.


I can’t even flick my Bic… fuck


Welcome to getting older.


Actually I remember doing the same thing 6-7 years ago but not this bad… this shit hurts worse than when I broke my foot earlier this year, harder than fuck to sleep, and at least I could still use my hands fine.