Persistent Idea that White People were Invented by Agriculture



WTF - hunter gatherers

What the fuck else could they be?

Mother fuckers get paid fer this bullshit - fuck me

So one caveman met another - WTF did he say?

What do you do for a living?

Duh! I am a hunter gatherer


“It’s thought ancient humans living in northern regions developed pale skin because it absorbs more sunlight, which is needed to produce vitamin D.”

Complete failure to understand the origins of people introduced into Europe 30K years ago. Sad - out of Africa my ass.

I mean - blue eyes would have developed, by the same rational, in lower light regions. Probably underground I guess.


So, what is your theory, Leakey? And what are your research sources?


They’re a secret, Lotus. But let’s just say that there were people living in northern lands, whose home had not been discovered by modern science, who entered Europe in several migrations when those lands whence they came suffered catastrophic destruction. It is well enough documented and it’s memory persists even to this day in far reaches such as India, where the lightening of skin is practiced in emulation of the original Brahmanical (priestly caste) peoples.


You’re basing all that on that one stupid article that came out a few years ago, aren’t you? Are you a white supremacist? It’s weird that you get so worked up about this.


Huh? An article. Lolz


Well, the single spate of articles about a single discovery/theory.


Lotus - there is knowledge of things which predates writing, certainly. I couldn’t care less about retards and their modern political etc ravings. The thing I like to have fun with in a forum like this though, is getting the type of reaction and accusations you are here to give.


Huh? And huh?


Lotus - do you think modern science and discovery is the only source of what is know of mankind and human history? Be assured that is mostly bunkus, adhered to by drunkards and lunatics.


Thread to Doc!

Lock it up


Of course I don’t, Mr Condescension. But I also don’t base any of my beliefs about anything on a hatred of non-white people. That’s a running thread in your many alts and dools. It’s juvenile, and surely does not lend credence to any of your theories.

But, hey. Ancient aliens!



No it isn’t.


Is so.


That’s what I came to believe after a lot of LSD, we’re all aliens… or some sort of alien/neanderthal mutation, that our subconscious mind is this alien thing that lives in an infinite quantum dimension. :space_invader: That’s kind of what it looked like in my vision…


Is not. Do not allude to that which you can not directly pointy to, Lotus. It makes you look foolish and biased.
…and trollish - not that anyone would accuse you. (:eyerolls)


So, yer just havin fun there, right?


If inspiring thoughtfulness on the subject of mankind’s past and origins is fun, well then…Yes.


Is that what yer trying to do? Better luck next time.