Todays Funny


Wabbit, my good buddy that lives in Fresno part-time saw a homie with a tat across his forehead.

It said FRESNO. I shit you not.




Not HANFORD? That would have been sweet.






I saw this doc on why a male lion is king of the jungle - basically the female does all the killing and he just eats what she kill and then fucks the other half the day

It turns out animals killing each other for food is just business and nothing personal
except Hyenas and Lions fucking hate each other

The Hyena leader is always the alpha female and will actually go kick dirt in a female Lions face for fun because she cannot catch it

the female Hyena was kicking dirt in the females face and made the mistake of not making sure no males were around

the sleeping male got up and ran down the Hyena and snapped it’s neck with 300 feet - it was unreal - never seen anything like it

they actually hate each other








Six calls bullshit

USPS is fine
fedex sux



My FB friend (Caucasian) said “White people”.






From #RadioFreeZuckerberg…this goes out to @TheLion and @Wabbit



Mite-y funny.