Veggie Garden 2017


What probably happens is dirt/dust collects on top of it over the year’s time and then weeds start popping up in that the next year.


Seedlings are sprouting. Starting out with four 5x Kripple Shock, one Auto Purple and one Auto Cripple. Not sure what I’ll add to the roster. I have.a huge variety to choose from.


The late start might be good so they don’t get too overgrown before they go into flower, of course it’s weed, generally the bigger the better. :slight_smile:


Out working on this raspberry patch, hotter than fuck out… feel like i had a glass of water poured over me I’m so sweaty. 15 ft row, supposedly enough roots for 20ft but I’m going to throw them in 15… so 15ft row a couple feet wide… I tilled it up first on Monday I think it was and got most of the grass and weeds out, then I’ve been getting even more grass and weeds out over the last few days…

So I just went and raked and picked out more grass and weeds and tilled in a few bags of composted manure, and about half a big bag of peat moss. I’m going to go plant the roots and be done with it for now after I cool off. Then after I think all the canes have came up I’m going to put mulch them with wood chips and I’ll probably put a 3ft or so tall fence around it to keep critters from eating the canes and provide support for the plants.


Tomato patch, on the other side of the kale, just getting started but they’ve been growing fast in the heat. I got 20 I think it is tomato plants in this spot and a few more in another.

Here’s a beastly tomato variety… “Belgium Giant.”


I fertilized the corn with a little piss water but other than that I haven’t fertilized anything.


They look gorgeous!


I need to start getting them tied up and get to pruning them or it’s gonna be a mess.


It was lovely, imo. I get tired of the relentless heat.


first zucchini

Beans and carrots… carrots came up on their own…

Bed of peppers just getting started

A few more tomato plants, some cucumbers, some peppers in containers and more zucchini next to them.


The corn didn’t seem to get very tall before it started making ears, I think I planted it a little late maybe… A couple of the tomato plants are almost as tall as I am… and these Belgium Giants have giant leaves…


Tomato patch is overgrown now, ran out of stuff to tie them up with and they’re just going everywhere. A few are taller than I am. I’ve only gotten a couple ripe smaller and cherry type tomatoes so far… lots of green tomatoes on the vines though…


You have 6 weeks yet.


Been planting those lettuce starts, it’s cool out, getting ready to rain supposed to be cool for the next 10 days or so which I hope is enough to get them established. Strange for the middle of August…


A friend of mine is going to let me use his old rear tine tiller, this thing’s a beast, the little one’s ok for doing small spots but this one will cover some ground.


Your garden is beautiful.


So I was out there tilling up a spot I had tilled up a few weeks ago for a second time… and there’s a little marijuana plant had sprouted up, only had two true leaves… I was going to leave it but I accidentally killed it while leveling the rest of the area out. No idea how it got there, I hide inside and smoke my seedless weed.


Uh huh

Tell it to the judge


Storm came through last night and knocked my biggest cherry tomato plant over… Starting to pick a lot of tomatoes though… would be picking more but something is helping themselves to them and they always take the biggest, ripest ones.

So now I gotta go try to stand this 12ft tomato plant back up on an 8ft stake.


Tilling up more space… I plan on having long rows of stuff next year… I’m going to bring this back (to the right of the picture about 20 more feet and I should have 45ft-50ft rows when I’m done.

Going to be taking the green beans and kale out today or tomorrow, a lot of the kale is so big you can’t even pull it out by hand. I might have to dig up the roots.