Warmbier isn't going to regain brain function


Though to be fair his brain wasn’t functioning so good when he decided to steal that poster, was it?


We must punish Cuba for this atrocity!


Warmbier joins the ranks of Poster Children for the victimization of the US by evil foreign powers.


Or go there to begin with


There is no proof he stole the poster to begin with. No one on the tour saw him do it.

Anyway, the whole thing is horribly tragic. His poor parents.


I’m fortunate in that I didn’t have to dissuade either of my sons from going to NorthFukkinKorea as a sex and party tourist.

But if I’d needed to, I would have.


I felt sorry for the kid, the scene in which they are dragging him and the guy is distraught, he knew what awaited him

But at the same time, it’s kinda facepalm inducing to think that he had the perfect life in the world’s greatest country and threw it all away by traveling to the home of the worst enemy the US has

HE might have stolen the sign or not, but the truth is, the second an American set foot inside that country, he’s asking for a whole lot of trouble

Maybe now these retards will learn the lesson and get a vacation instead of a death trip.


And if you hadn’t succeeded in dissuading one of them, you would just shrug your shoulders and say “He deserved it”?


I’m good at dissuasion, Lotus. My sons mostly have tended to trust my judgment by the time they reached their majorities.

But in this hypothetical case, I would have said to him that if he really thought this was something he needed to do that he would be doing it on his own, with no expectation of any rescue efforts by me.


That’s well and good but the question is, if it happened, would you say your son deserved the outcome?


From what I read somewhere it was never his intention to go to North Korea, he was in college in Hong Kong or some shit and took a trip somewhere else and it stopped over in NK.


You and Lotus are both doing the same thing here. It’s one of those “Have you stopped beating your wife?” questions.

I’ve given all the answer I plan to give.


Dodge noted.


Ok, that does it, nuke NK

NuKe it


You’d nuke South Korea too… they make lots of guitars.


They are the GOOD koreans

the ones that make exploding cellphones


The only S. Koreans that like us there are the ones making money off us, the rest want us out of there!


There is no dodge. I answered the damn question before you asked it.




they probably drowned the kid until he was nearly dead