Warmbier isn't going to regain brain function


I missed your answer.

If my kid died doing something stupid, I cannot imagine in a million years that I would not be just as grief stricken as if he died not doing something stupid. Everyone does stupid shit, and probably billions of people have done that stupid shit without having to pay for the poor choice with their lives.


Yes, of course you would. As would I.

Being grief stricken has nothing to do with believing one’s kid made a bad choice.


No, it wasn’t that sort of question at all.


thats what communism and a society that relys on teh g00bermint for everything gets you in the end.


Oh, that’s right. Because North Korea is the perfect example of what Marx envisioned!


uh…yeah…it is. it’s the evolution of what marx envisioned.

do you think this cluster fuck is what john adams et al envisioned?


I’m not blaming the founding fathers OR real democracy for this cluster fuck. We don’t live in a democracy. You shouldn’t blame communist principles for tyrannical governments that claim to be communist.


it was designed to be a constitutional republic.

once you get to know that, you’ll understand what this country is supposed to be about.

and yes, nk is what you desire…a dear leader to praise for everything.


Joe, it’s time fer you to get back under yer rock.


you’ve been outsmarted again, admit it


Dude, Lotus doesn’t like mansplainers.


wimmin belong in the kitchen.


I don’t really understand that word. WHy are women so resistant to learning new stuff?


I don’t think any of those poast here.

Better ask Lotus for a definition. Her usages of it with me have been all over the ball park.


they just dont know their place.


Hey, cool troll.


not a troll


The women love it!


Some probably do. The “math is hard” chicks. We love those chicks don’t we folks?


Women don’t like having stuff they already know explained to them by a clueless man. Usually the man is firm in his belief that he knows what he’s talking about, while often that is not even the case. Sometimes he’s explaining something correctly, but clearly the woman already knows what he’s explaining. But probably just as often, he’s explaining it all wrong.

It has fuck all to do with learning new stuff.