Warmbier isn't going to regain brain function


what a bunch of bullshit.


The truth is not bullshit. But I know it’s scary. :cry: :crying_cat_face:


Mostly I get that sort of stuff womansplained then, I guess.


that’s not the truth, therefore it’s bullshit.

and youre a woman, therefore not scarey.


As a woman…


Worst female trolling I’ve seen in a long time.


Not sure what you’re saying here.

However, I note that many of us haven’t accustomed ourselves yet to the handful of members whose contributions to the forum consist of wandering in once a week and shitposting. It changes the rhythm and vibe of the forum, if one allows it.

Wabbit is often a steadying force, but this weekend his R/L is more compelling, unfortunately.


I’m saying it’s amateur hour in the troll department.


who’s trolling?


Perhaps we should strive to reach a community consensus as to where the line is, between poor trolling and shitpoasting.


I’m not up on the terms so just call it whatever and pretend I said it.


Some dumb dick who doesn’t seem to know his trolls are old and lame. Can you believe the nerve of that guy?



I was just thinking, this would probably qualify Warmbier to be a Trump supporter wouldn’t it?


spoon thinks he’s 15. he’s on a roll…


Who is under whose skin here, I wonder.


you would