What happens when


You vote to get rid of a tax, and the government says fuck you, your votes are meaningless we’re still gonna tax you?

You don’t pay the tax.


You write a hit song about it and move to France.


The King County judge ruled that the measure’s wording was misleading when voters approved it earlier this month


Sound Transit literally said we’re not allowed to estimate what our tax would be, and they misled voters on what the tax cost would be. LOTS of sticker shock.

The AG AND Judge have received kickbacks to get rid of this $30/tab bill and reinstate the expensive ones… fOr ThE rOADS. Meanwhile yas tax pulls in an estimated $10m+ A DAY, plus you can add in lottery, casinos, and other taxes.

It’s a total farce. WA liberals are another kind of bullshit.


Gotta be Hillary’s fault.


Blame the AG. The AG is tasked by law to write the ballot title for all initiatives. If there’s a problem with the ballot title, why are we not going after the AG?


Most states that is done by the Sec State.


In Washington, the attorney general provides official titles and summaries for ballot measures, the wording of which can significantly influence whether or not the measure passes.



This is why I don’t want to move to Washington.

I could get a better job there. I have people who’ll
push for me to get it (as soon as there’s an opening).
But the commute is too much for winter driving, so to
make it work I’d have to move there.

And they’re just too crazy/stupid.

Hell Liberty Lake was under a water boil order
for the last week. Who the hell wants to put up
with that?


I think we will be seeing more and more water boil warnings in the years to come.


Hey, be thankful you live in maga land where you got water to boil


Long live Nestle’s!




I see you’re opposed to car fees, but you drive a car. Cartard destroyed.


I see you need to breath air, but here you are breathing it


And liberals give out a spite tax.
What ever happened to no taxation without representation?



You have representation, Boro. I’ve explained this to you many times. Just because your representative is not a libertarian doesn’t mean you don’t have a representative.

You buy the kid books and you buy him books and all he does is gnaw on the covers


Vote tax out
spite tax initiated

Where in the initiation of the new tax did I get to vote on it?


What are water boil warnings? Bad water quality?


You don’t, your representative does. That’s LITERALLY what representative MEANS.