Are Oregonians really going to elect a Republican for governor?

I would be very surprised if she wins, but then Trump.

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I think they would regret it. It seems people might be disgruntled though. No one wants complete chaos.

A Republican Mayor or Governor would be ok if they’re not Trump Republicans. So long as the rest of the government is Democrat, they’ll be ok

You could be right. I don’t know enough about that particular candidate.

Sometimes liberals miss the forest for the trees.

When Christine Drazan first announced, her media wasn’t very good, she looked bland…but she said enough of the trump things, conservative dark money discovered her and swooped in the money machine and handlers, and suddenly a newly ‘made over’ Christine comes out with slickly produced ads that made her seem more like one of “us” (wink wink) But with just enough dog whistle.

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I would think the voters could see past that. She probably doesn’t really have a chance.

I wouldn’t think so, there is a a long time conservative D running as an independent that’s made a little noise, but I think she and Christine will be fighting for the Conservative votes, and the libs will vote for well known Tina Kotek D.

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One point to Christine, she has stated in public that Joe won the election and is the President. But not much else.

Whoever The Republican babe has doing her media/ tv spots are doing a very good job, making her look and sound good. And the polls ar neck and neck.

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I think people want to feel safe and secure.

The problem with libs is that they have a hard time understanding that the way to right wrongs isn’t with radical policy.

Address the big issues, income inequality, poor education, the policies that lead to mass incarceration…

Do not defund police, become tolerant of crime, etc. It’s stupid.

No one really defunded police, that’s one more right wing mantra like Stop the steal. I saw a reporter reporting outside Pelosi’s house, there were several police and police cars on-site

I realize that, but strategically, who’s the stupid person that coined it as “defund”.

Democrats can be so stupid sometimes. Who needs Frank Luntz with the idiots we have running things on the left?

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Democrats are bad at two political necessities… branding ideas for impactful effect, and fighting dirty. We have to rely on policy, which the Republicans have abandoned and their voters don’t care about anyway.


If only the left could come up with some really scary wedge issues, something the right has excelled at since Nixon.

^^^ Ah yes, the classic National Lampoon cover from the 70s. I and my roommates used this in college in the 80s to sublet our apt over the summer, my artist roomie drew it up for us, pretty much just like this.

Actually got calls from (presumably very cute) college girls asking if we were really going to shoot the (hand-drawn) dog.


If she wins she better send the national guard to Portland cause that shit ain’t gonna fly. lol


Did the Dem win?

It seems Johnson, with big Nike dollars, is being the spoiler?

Tina pulled it out, it was the closest race in several years.


I was just looking at results. Great news!