It took China three + years to get me

but they did. I just got The Covids. Currently, I am experiencing a fairly painful headache and upper respiratory symptoms and sore throat. I thought I had an allergy attack, but folks around me have tested positive for Covid, so I tested. Yep, the damn Chinese got me with their virus.

I have requested an e-visit with my doctor, or advice nurse, to see if I can have Plaxovid prescribed. It’s supposed to help diminish some of the upper respiratory symptoms.


One of my neighbors a couple just had it a week or so ago, she was pos. only very minor symptoms, he caught the really awful cold thing, maybe like yours, he’s better now it didn’t last too long for him


Have a chill restful weekend. I don’t think I’ve had it yet. I was very sick about a year ago for a few days but tested negative.


I’m isolating in my bedroom. It’s a fairly large room. I have set up a mini aluminum table I got at Aldi’s for camping. An aluminum camp chair …all I can easily move because they’re light. I have my laptop, phone, meds, water, etc. I can eat any meals on it when I get hungry, though I don’t feel hungry at all.

Our bedroom has a large bathroom en suite, so I don’t really have to leave the room at all during this time that I isolate.

I am going to rest, stream some shows or movies…I should be just fine in several days. The good thing is that I regularly take Vitamin C & D, and other supplements. I hope they help my immune system fight it off.


This is surprising news. Hope your recovery is a speedy one. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I got it last September, basically a bad col for four days, but I have some lingering fatigue still.

That’s what I’m concerned about. The long term impact.

I am on Plaxovid. It makes all food taste terrible for some people. I guess I’m some people.

I think this could be better than Ozempic.



I’m so sorry. Get well soon. Xoxo

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Thanks, I appreciate the sentiment. I’ll be okay, it’s getting enough sleep that’s killing me.

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Which is probably wearing down your system even more.

Can you take melatonin? Or something to help you sleep?

It’s the congestion that’s keeping me awake. I fall asleep and then coughing fits wake me up. My core muscles and ribs hurt like hell from being sore from the coughing.

Did you put the Vicks?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Vapoh Roob you mean?

My sister’s former mother in law was from good ole Meheeco. So, when one of my nieces was sick and really congested, she told my sister, over the phone, that she should put some Vapoh Roob and rub it on her pecho and patitas…jew no? My sister was completely puzzled but said “okay”.

Calls me right after and asks WTF is VAPOH Roob?! I’m like, I dunno…where did you hear this? She tells me the story, and then the comment about the pecho and patitas made me realize, it’s Vick’s Vapor Rub…and then I started shouting in laughter…my sister did too. Tears were streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. We should have known, you know? It’s like the cure for everything.

I really need to create a persona with that accent…oh, the things I’ve heard folks say over the years…priceless.

Murdy, I need to turn my Mexican card in. I don’t think I have a jar of Vick’s in my house. lol

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Ay, DiOs mío!

makes the sign of the cross 25x

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Girl, you gave me your cooties. I have the worst head cold.

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Hope you’re feeling better!

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The sneezing is absurd. I put the Vicks. It’s helping.

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