On Joe and the Debate

It was a horrible performance. Of course, being the US we care about how he looked versus how he’s governed.


Look, he’s far from perfect and won’t defend many of his policies, especially in regards to Israeli ethnic cleansing…but I’d vote for a wet fart before I’d vote for Trump.


Trump was objectively bad for the country, whereas Sleepy Joe’s policies reduced inflation and created craploads of jobs. Unfortunately Trump can average one lie per statement (as factchecked by the factcheckers) and Biden can look sleepy, and this makes Trump the winner. The debates haven’t been about policy since the days of Dewey.


My other forums are all echoing with “okay, then who?”

One bright lad suggested that the Dems nominate Alan Kinsinger. It has a splendid why-not feel to it.

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But Sleepy Joe is sleepy!

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I wonder how Trump would have spoken of FDR and his ability to remain standing for an hour and a half.

Maybe it should be about the policies?


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This was a setup planned long ago. Someone in his inner circle failed to give him enough juice for the debate. It is known that his poll numbers are dismal and that he has no chance of winning. They will need to get rid of him quickly, the convention being only a month away. Not enough time for a new candidate to emerge; they will need to nominate someone who is already well known.

Michelle Obama enters the picture. She said a day or two ago that she wouldn’t campaign for Biden because of some personal BS. See, she is now free to run herself.

Nothing real here, it’s all staged Bull Shit.

Mike Obama is a man!!! :rofl:

Plausible explanation

Did Cold Medications Affect Biden's Debate Performance? - Newsweek.

Here is another plausible explanation. It might have been that they didn’t give him the ‘juice’ that he needed but another possible explanation would be that someone gave him half a sleeping pill. With these peeps it is entirely within the realm of possibility. Just raising possibilities.

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She is never running for president. Get real. She hates politics. She likes the roll she plays in the country.

The wise black woman…she doesn’t need nor want the aggravation.

You people that believe that need to be tested for cognition.

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Sgt Joker


Donald Trump raped children on Epstein’s Island. President Biden wasn’t at his best during portions of the Presidential Debate. Biden is in trouble. ~ NY Times

Quote seen on the CNN’s

“I’ll vote for Joe’s head in a jar, before I vote for Trump”

She has written the required number or books(like Obama) and she would not be overly involved with the nuts and bolts of the operations…that would be the first man’s job. :upside_down_face:

What’s with the right’s fascination with her running?