SG's resident Rageaholic is hacking the forum and taking pictures

and posting them at other fora. Right now it’s at BC.

Behave accordingly. :grinning:

Is he looking for dick pics, again?

We’re hateful and bad people because Billdo turned someone in on facebook for being racist.

Even though no one really gave Billdo a high-five for doing it, we’re all guilty for not foaming at the mouth and jumping up and down, you know, like Trumptards are wont to do.


Please let Little Willy know, we do appreciate his concern and interest.

But he is still a limp wristed soy boy, and a cowerd.

lolz… tell him I just reported him… :stuck_out_tongue:


Facebook is the social media safe space for bigots and racists… I guess they took it as a personal attack…

You can post as guests or register an account.

Tell what you want to say on your own. This place has nothing to do with their rage.

What I like to do is scroll through the comments and find the bigots dumb enough to have where they work at on their profile then tag their employer in the thread… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess they’ll see it on their own if they’re wasting their wasted life taking screenshots… lolz

I suppose it’s best to stay away from BC. They don’t have that kind of sense to air their grievances at the right place.

Is this a good Lounge thread?

He’s hacked that as well. There’s no point.

An unsavory character.

I don’t know if he is in general, I would think he’s not. But maybe he has a dark side and for some reason this forum really gets under his skin.

I blame Apey and his memes. :smile:

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I am just a small cog in the big machine, that happens to be tall, lean and blessed with a full head of hair.

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That would take some doing. Tell us more.

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Well in the interest of full disclosure, my forehead is a tiny bit more noticeable than it was in High School.

I don’t know more. It was a claim I read, maybe a screenshot I saw at SG some time ago.

If High School kids can hack the DOD, Pygmy Smiles could probably hack this platform. But what do I know.