This day in US History

Women earned the right to vote in 1920.

It only took 144 years after the Declaration of Independence for that to happen.

Interestingly, Google doesn’t have a special page for it today.

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Wow - 150 years of settled law overturned. AMAZING!

Women were simply excluded.

How is that “settled law”?

I smell singed ass hairs in this thread.

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That was the law.

Now we’ll never get rid of you.

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It never said IN THE LAW that women couldn’t vote. They were completely excluded as if they didn’t exist.

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How can women’s suffrage compete with National Dog Day though?

The very idea!!!

This is why I don’t take ISSUISTs seriously. Women’s Equality Day wasn’t in the media, therefore…it wasn’t an ISSUE.


OK, that was funny.

That’s right - the law excluded them.

Yes, it wasn’t DE JURE. It was de facto. So, you’re premise is false to fact.

Much as people not born to citizen parents were excluded until after the Wong case which was actually about the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 (which took another 50+ years to dismantle) and not the 14th amendment.

excluded from what?

Citizenship. Read the dissenting opinion in the case.

Is “dissenting” the position of the losing party, pray tell?

It, in this case, was the opinion of those who understood that it was a wrong approach to undoing the wrongs of the CEA of 1882 - specifically that Chinese people were denied citizenship.

Have you ever read the dissenting opinion in Citizen’s United?

A LOT of them.

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Of course you are indirectly referring to me.

Um, Smartypants. I didn’t even know it was National Dog Day. That was your friend WK who posted about that.

Is posting on CBT the true test of one’s interest in issues? If one doesn’t start a thread about it on CBT, one doesn’t really care about it?

And does being an issuist somehow involve media? I still don’t understand your adorable little attempt at ridiculing me.