Whelp, Sanders is out. Its Sleepy Joe vs the Orange Shitgibbon

At least we’ll hopefully get competent advisors and someone to listen to them, since we can’t get someone who’s for the people.

Well at least we can look forward to Fox News and the other RW echo chambers shrieking and howling, about how Republican Lite Socialism is destroying Christendom.for at least 4 years.

like I said… only coronavirus can save us.

Good riddance to the hijacker of the Democratic party, the American people rejected you.

Dementia ridden and pedophilic*


TBH, except for that christmas pic, I’m not seeing a problem.

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You’re not seeing a repeated act of being creepy, unwanted touches and sniffs?

Clearly you think kissing a young relative on the lips is creepy and unwanted.



If Joe get’s elected he is going to divert millions of tax dollars directly to his own properties and assets, because I herd he is just like Trump.

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Biden isn’t pig vomit like Trump. It’s enough for me. No babies stripped from their mothers. No more tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

If that’s not enough to vote for Biden, go ahead, vote for pig vomit.



I remember you hating Trump because of his sexual allegations and stuff, yet Biden has them AND photo proof of him touching girls unwanted and sniffing them.

But orange mad bad :frowning:

You clearly don’t recall what I was most concerned about. I bet everyone else here could probably come up with it in a 10 seconds.

You have seen the widely reported video of El Trumpo barging his way to the front of the G20 Conference leaders photo op, imagine that same buffoon barging into the dressing room of a preteen pageant, because tv rights. And you got pregnant, what would you do?


You’re smarter than this “noyouism”, Ape.

It’s not no youism when it goes to display like behavior. or a pattern of behavior.

Which they both have a history of.

Stop pointing fingers.


Ted Bundy Drove Cars and Bromo drives Cars, ergo Bromo is a serial killer.

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