D_M's Health Update


Is that a side effect from something?


Yes, all kinds of side effects from the chemo and surgery.


You’ll be boozin an smokin, chasin skirts in no time.
I hope it is that you are nearing a conclusion with this phase of your recovery.
You’re doing good, DM. I think everyone is amazed at your ability to tough your way through such a difficult time. You have been a model for us all.


Ditto what Doc said.


Thanks man, I appreciate it. Got word today they aren’t going to do anymore surgery and just rely on chemo. I’m actually happy about that. The surgery is rough and I was dreading another 2 week stay in the hospital. Besides, lymph nodes serve an important role for the body. Removing them only leads to more issues.


Maybe you will regain it when you get old.


I have completely read this thread and others as well. My hopes and prayers.


Adding items to your bucket list can be addictive. Breaking that addiction can actually be hard. I don’t know why. Perhaps we use that bucket list as a means of coping.

Make it happen man!


That sounds like good news. Keep reading and applying the Anti-Cancer Diet!


Nice undies. :wink: Prayers for continued health.


Good and bad. Good… in that I was dreading another surgery. Bad… in that my oncologist seems to think it’s a necessary part of the protocol while my surgeon says “no way”. I don’t like the fact that my 2 chief doctors aren’t on the same page.

I’m slowly integrating the anti-cancer diet. Right now my biggest dietary goal is to put on a substantial amount of weight, so I’m eating a lot of fatty foods that appeal to me regardless of how healthy they are. Once I put on 30-40 pounds I’ll go full scale anti-cancer diet.


Probably a good approach get some lbs and energy back, then you can start fukkin around with the healthy shit


From my experiences with friends, that seems pretty common. I imagine it’s nerve wracking, though.


In a way thats good, some tension there should keep them both on their toes.


Couple of bad days, but feeling much better today. Gained 5 pounds so far. I know I still look like a holocaust survivor… but I’m making some progress. Thanks again for all of your prayers, positive thoughts and advice, friends.

P.S. as you can see, I’m still wearing underwear from when I weighed 180 LOL.


You almost look like a marathon runner.


Whenever I watch TV and see those poor, starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.

– Maria Carry





Ya look very determined - that’s great

Look at all ya got through

Not that long ago you were counting down to the operation


I love your spirit! :blue_heart: