D_M's Health Update


Inspirational. Keep up the fight.


Prayers for you DM. Keep up the good fight. Looks like God blessed you in the undie department. :wink:


I can’t believe no one is going to mention his disproportionately massive wang.



Yeah man, when you get your health back I’ll bring the cameras and lights out, we’ll hire some pornstars, you can be DM Holmes…


This is why sometimes I am concerned about yer mental health


Well, he is a midget, albeit a well-dressed one… and there’s that Freudian envy that comes with


I used to think DM looked like some pron actor from the 90’s


John Holmes?


not even gonna google that bwaahhahaha


He died in 1988 but I had to do it.


John got fucked about 83,000 times - fact

That was on god awful big hammer that


That’s a lot of fucks, james


Good for you, DM. Keep hanging in there (pun really not intended!). :kiss:


I’m in awe of your toughness


It’s an illusion, man. My legs and groin are both swollen from the chemo. Plus, when you weigh 129 lbs your appendages seem disproportionate. I’m quite normal sized, but thanks, I should run with it.


Wait a fuckin second. Two of you rec’d my post and Big’s. Huh?


Doc is this the song you asked me about?


On my way to the ER. Been suffering incredible pain due to the feeding tube. Can’t handle it. Hopefully, they can figure this out or at least give me some stronger pain meds.


There’s still a light in them eyes, Sparky. That’s good to see.


I hope they figure it out quickly for you. I’m glad you’re seeking help rather than suffering through it.