D_M's Health Update


Bacalhau (codfish)


Do you like the taste and feel of having a cod piece in your mouth?


Holy Toledo!


Not for long, with all that radioactive canned fish you’ll be eating.


Do you eat it?


Bacalhau au gratin, the way my mom used to do.

If you soak the fish overnight, most of the salt comes off

Can’t stand the stew, though


I think I had the stew. It was really awful, imo.


It’s just another acquired taste


I’m just going to leave this here:



Good day yesterday. Got out and about.

Not so good evening. My legs locked up again like he other day at the shoppers, but this time I face planted on concrete at home.


man be careful, you can really hurt/kill yourself falling like that… you’re lookin healthier though!


Yeah man, watch out. You’re looking way better, I agree with Bildo

Are these lock ups normal?


I’m so happy to see that first pic DM. You look so much better than you have in the recent past. The fact that you went out was great as well!

I’m sorry to see your poor face and hear of your leg troubles. I hope that resolves itself sooner rather than later.


Weird stuff, your body chemistry must be out of kilter, low on potassium or sumpin


Yep, looking better fer sure

And meaner!


Yeah, you’re looking really good man, just remember to keep that shirt on! LOLOLOL


I borrowed this. :smile:


Ditto what others said. You look a million times better in the first pic. That’s so great. What do the docs say about your legs locking? Sometimes they don’t know jack shit, but other times they do, so…


I have an appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday and will.discuss the problem with him.