D_M's Health Update


Can you get airborne with that thing?


Back in the hospital today for another surgery. Not how I wanted to spend my Sunday. This one’s my own fault. I accidentally cut one of the chemo ports and now they have to replace the whole damn thing.

Oh well,


looking good Boss man.


LOLOLOL. Yeah, like straight out of Auschwit


Well I guess you might be a bit thinner. I hadn’t noticed.



Is that bandage on yer abs where they attempted the feeding tube? That shot you def. look thin.


Yeah, scar from failed g-tube.


Is it just shadow, or do you have some bruising below your chest?




When you’re better I’m sending a lasagna!


I have heard stories of your amazing organic free range moose Lasagna!


Yes, D_M. Yer too damn skinny.

Get out of there fast! :heart:


Just got out of surgery. It went swimmingly. Just have to wait around in the recovery room for awhile and I am OUTTA here.


Cool! is this Hospital close to home for you and the Mrs. ?


YAY! :clap:


About 20 miles, which is nothing out here. Since it was Sunday I had to do all of this via the ER… which cost me $100 OOP. No worries though, my FSA is primed for 2017, so no pain on the money front. I would have liked to have waited until Monday and avoid the ER trip, but in this game everyday is critical.


Thank You as always dear Lotus.


I hope you are starting to feel a bit better D_M. You are in our thoughts.


Yes. What LR said. Are you hanging in there, DM? :heart: