My 2016 Garden Thread


I’ve heard a lot of people mention Espoma, but not a trace of it at Lowes or Home Depot or Walmart around here. I may just have to hit up a nursery.


or ebay it, probably cheaper anyways.


MG has too much N relative to its P and K. When I’ve used it, I get lots of vine and leaf but no increase in fruit.

If you use it, I suggest amending it with fish bone meal or rock phosphate: the latter will juice the soil for 3-5 years.


Miracle Gro is basically just dried piss isn’t it?


“Urea Nitrogen”


What do you think of the 7-9-5 stuff?


That’s looking good, bildo

Do you eat it all or you sell some of your produce?


Thanks, If I get enough stuff I’ll call up this local urban gardening group who run some veggie stands and a soup kitchen and they’ll probably buy it all for about 80% of grocery store prices. They’ve bought my stuff in the past anyways.

Next year I think I’m going to monocrop a bunch of containers of peppers though to sell.


@rancidmilko I got stacks of those 3 gallon containers and get more all the time… I’ve got easily over 100 of them right now stacked up in the garage… my goal next year is to do like 100+ containers of peppers of maybe 2 different types using close to the same soil mix I used on these. The banana peppers always seem like good yielders and they’re good when they’re ripe so I’ll probably grow a bunch of those.

If you can overwinter a pepper plant where you’re at, cut it down like a shrub, it will get huge like a big bush and put out shit loads of peppers off a single bush… but you probably already know that living in the tropics.


Going to harvest/trim/dry two of my three auto strains this evening. No noticeable new bud or sugar leaf growth for awhile now. Trichomes are super cloudy. It’s been 9 weeks. I think it’s time.


Harvest of AK-49 and LSD 25 complete. Trimmed and in the drying Rack. Pics later. I’m in Colorado for the next few days.

I think it’s going to be potent. Scissors hash out the ass.


Picked a bunch of pepperoncini peppers yesterday and some jalapenos, need to do some pickling. I’ve been getting some ripe cherry tomatoes and should be picking a few regular sized ripe tomatoes soon, got lots of green ones. So I cooked up some chicken in a little olive oil, threw in some red onion and chopped up pepperoncini and jalapeno when the chicken was almost done, then right after I cut the heat off some cilantro from the garden, some cherry tomatoes, chili powder and a little cumin and had some pretty bomb chicken taco things for dinner.


I got my 3 auto strains harvested, trimmed, dried and jarred. I need to cure them for at least 3-4 weeks, but I sampled them rough anyway. Very good quality… I’m guessing 18%+ THC.

Here’s the final auto to be harvested… COC cash crop.

A nice little cola…

Trimmed up and ready for the drying rack…

Trichome production on this gal…

AK 49 and LSD-25 dried and in the curing jars.


Tomatoes, by God. At last.


Those are awesome man


Are you going to use Boveda for curing?

I would if I were you


Thanks, man. What is Bodeva? I normally just jar it up and burp them once or twice a day until the chlorophyll breaks down. If there’s a better way I’m certainly game.


Bovedas are humidity control sachets

The ideal humidity for weed curing is 62%

Just put a Boveda in the jar and seal it

The Boveda will keep the humidity at perfect levels and you’ll have the best potency and flavor on your weed

A must-have if you ask me

They use it for cigars too, but the 62 is the perfect one for weed

You’re lucky they’re dirty cheap in the US


Thanks bro! I hadn’t heard of them. I will definitely grab some. Outdoors grown cannibis needs all the help it can get.


No problem, they are relatively new on the market (the ones for weed that is)

They’re still a bit of a secret to some growers yet

You guys might remember Fatbasted, he’s been growing weed for a while too and hadn’t heard of them either

I probably wouldn’t either if I didn’t have the habit of reading some weed forums


Check out my jury rigged watering system. It’s total crap, man. I nearly destroyed my sprinkler piping trying to get it to work and it barely delivers enough water to keep my plants alive when I’m on vacation. Whoever came up with this idea needs to be shot.