My 2016 Garden Thread


What’s the smell like on those autos? I’d take clones of all of those regs and label them, sharpie marker and a plastic spoon works… then find the best tasting/smelling one…


The smell on the autos is strong and fruity. The regs are all OG Kush and White Widow, but yeah, been labeling the cuttings.


Those are future butterfly. I hope you relocated them.:grin:


Of course. I tossed them over in the neighbors prized rose bushes. They’re living the good life.


Getting some serious frost on the AK and LSD. Not a lot of pistils, but the trichomes are getting cloudy. I’m thinking 2 more weeks.


My first attempt at topping.


That flower looks yummy, man.


I would have topped it more, at least 4 nodes from the apical


Thanks. What is the apical?


The tip of the plant

The way they are bushy in the bottom, those shoots will grow to be a nice cola each, I’d have definitely gone with a bigger vase if I were you, at least 10 gallons or so

My dream is to have outdoors. You have an awesome space there, you could definitely get some fat giants

I’d have gotten it right here on the line, possibly lower


How far up north do you live D_M?

Unless you’re planning to carry them to a dark room to force their flowering and control their photoperiod, they’ll keep growing until the start of Autumn, I’d say


Oh okay, the tip. Most of the YouTube’s I watched the dudes were topping near the tip, but in retrospect those were a lot smaller and younger plants. I still need to do a lot of trimming so I’ll go much lower on those.

Yeah, I regret now going with the 7 gallon pots. I pulled one up to have a look and it wasn’t root bound yet, but I still have 2-3 months of veg and flower to get through. It’s definitely going to stunt these girls if I don’t transplant them. I’m still on the fence with that. It would be a major hassle to do all 10 and I would need to spend about $150 for larger pots… not to mention the cost and hassles of making more Super soil. I may just let them go and take whatever volume of flower I can get. I don’t think they’ll die… just stop vergging much more. Next year I’m going to go with 65 gallon smart pots or maybe even 100 gallon for the outdoor crop.


I’m south… LA area. If last year is any indication, they should start flowering sometime in September and be ready to harvest late October.

I thought about forcing flowering using tarps and a large outdoor tent frame I already have, but that’s a lot of tarp and a lot of time taking them up and down daily.


I go with tiny pots here, 7 litters, less than 2 gallons

I water them everyday

I could get some20 liter vases and get only 4, but I’m still experimenting and discovering my seeds potential

In October I’ll have to bring everything down because I’m going to have the house painted and fixed, including the room in which the whole thing is

But in the future, I want to stabilize the good ones I find and breed them and keep only a handful of bigger plants

I like variety, each one for the mood or moment, I’d say 5 strains is perfect to do the rotation


Last year I bought some clones locally, but this year I went with seeds I bought from Denmark and Canada… a huge variety. I’m most happy with the auto strains. It’s just so fukking easy and fast. You can’t clone or breed them and only get an ounce or two of bud, but it’s nice having bud in July. Of course, the best way is to just grow indoors where you have complete control and can grow perpetually. I’m working on that. I just need to free up some space and get the old lady on board.


My hand/wrist/arm is still on the mend so I haven’t been mowing or weeding, but the shit is still growing. Just rained before I filmed this.

The container tomatoes look a little rough but they’re starting to get a lot of tomatoes on them…

Container banana peppers



Beans and cucumbers.

More tomatoes

Zucchini and watermelon

Big ass stinging nettle

4x8 bed of peppers

More cucumbers

Pickle Cucumbers

Back patch, more tomatoes, the pumpkins, a bunch of watermelon, some marigolds… and lots of weeds


Your garden looks totally awesome!

Try a little miracle grow on the tomatoes.:grin:


I think I’m going to try some of this…


I haven’t seen that around here. I’ve been checking the chain garden centers for some decent liquid nutes and they don’t have jack but shit like MG and Ortho. I need something like 5-3-3 and theres nothing even close.


This company has a 5-3-3, I see their stuff at all the box stores. Should be able to find it at Lowes if you have one of those.