My 2016 Garden Thread


Got a nice rain the other night and a lot of stuff in the ground really took off yesterday and today. Hot and humid as fuck out.


I can tell my shit is getting a little stressed with these triple digit Temps. Watering them daily and they are sucking it up and begging for more. Bottom fan leaves are dying at a rate of 3 or 4 and day, which I suppose is an air circulation coping mechanism. They also really seem to like a nightly misting, but I’m wondering if I’m just inviting mold.


I don’t think you want to mist them after they start budding, the bottom leaves dropping you might need more nitrogen if they’re turning yellow first. I’ve got some cucumber plants out there that look like they’re about to give up and die. It has been really hot here for a couple weeks.


Yeah, they are yellowing first. I will try the piss cure. I also notice that the soil levels in each container have dropped a few inches from when I started. I may take some of my leftover super soil and top them back off. That will also get them an infusion of nitro and other nutes.


My first auto… AK 49… should be ready to harvest in about 2 weeks. Not enough stem growth to support much fruit volume, but I’m not complaining. My investment is about $12 per plant, so if I get a zip per plant I’ll have made a $300+ profit per plant.


Peppers are starting to produce… looks like they’re going to put out some pepprs too. These 3 gallon containers I have seem perfect for peppers maybe but not so great for tomatoes… I’m doing 100+ containers of peppers next year…

I think these are volunteer mini pumpkins… 2-3 of them came up on their own there… thing is huge… taking over…


I went to my cousin’s house and he build himself a nice green house

He has a shop, he fixes gennys, compressors, coffee picking machines and stuff like that

But he says he hates being there, all the time, he feels like he’s in a prison

He put almost 40k coffee seedling to grow there, they are looking like this

At 50 cents of a real, and a 75% turnout (the least he should expect), he should be making 15k reals, which is not bad, since he spent less than 2k

He lives in a small farm, not far from the city and he says he wants to sell his business and deal only the land


Sounds like a pretty decent business, especially if he has room for a second greenhouse to double production.


AK 49 getting kind of thick and sticky. No more leaf or stem growth and the caterpillars are moving in. Pulled off 3 big ones in the last 2 days, so I may have to pull down soon.


Try to keep it going and keep picking them off… looks like it still has a ways to go, still see white pistils up in the top.


Will do. What should I be looking for… brown pistils?


Yeah brown pistils plus it should beef up a lot more… some of them have turned brown but the buds look like they’re still growing, not sure how to keep the caterpillars away.


Thanks. It’s a small plant and I water daily. so I’ll just keep doing a visual inspection. They seem to like the leaf more than the flower, so not a huge concern.


I think you have to kind of look inside the buds.


I brought some 3 and 4 feet bamboo stakes from the farm

I always did a shit job using stakes, I just had 6 or so to hold the ones that got heavy

Bu using some strong stakes on all of them did a huge difference


I’m going to hit it with some neem oil this weekend. I’ve read where some weed bloggers say don’t use it because it affects the taste of the buds and others who say it’s fine and works great. Who knows, I’ll just have to see for myself. Every plant is a new learning experience. Like I always say… I’m not trying to win the Cannabis Cup, I just want to grow some quality inexpensive bud.


I wouldn’t hit any plants that have buds on them or you’ll be smoking some neem…


Caught this big mutherfukker munching on my LSD 25 tonight.


My gals are now bigger than me.


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